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What is SPolarfy?

SPolarfy is a web app created to expedite exploration of similar songs on Spotify regarding their sets of audio features with Spotify Web API. It visualizes those attributes of almost any songs you can find on Spotify in interactive polar charts. Syncing up with your Spotify accounts, it shows you a live dashboard where your currently playing track, recently played songs, top songs, your top artists' top tracks are all summarized in graphics, with material design dark theme built-in throughout.

What are the audio features?

Audio features

  • key
  • acousticness
  • danceability
  • energy
  • instrumentalness
  • liveness
  • loudness
  • tempo
  • valence

SPolarfy fetches these nine audio features from the API. If you're interested to learn more about the details, please chenk the documentation. Most of them lie in the range between 0 and 1. Otherwise features get normalized to make them comparable among each other (except for key, which is color coded). The higher the value, the more likely the overall sentiment of the track (or a group of them) aligns with that attribute.